Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Proforma Checks

Each month I run the following two queries to double-check our proforma runs. The first is a count by batch with beginning and ending proforma numbers and the second is similar, but by timekeeper.

Number of Proformas by Batch
phbatch AS 'Batch No.',
bop AS Operator,
min(phindex) AS 'First Proforma',
max(phindex) AS 'Last Proforma',
count(phindex) AS '# of Proformas'
FROM prohead
INNER JOIN batch ON phbatch = bbatch
WHERE bper = '1209'
GROUP BY phbatch,bop

Number of Proformas by Timekeeper
SELECT tkloc AS 'Location',
phbatch AS 'Batch No.',
tkinit AS 'Tk #',
tklast AS 'Last Name',
MIN(phindex) AS 'First Proforma',
MAX(phindex) AS 'Last Proforma',
COUNT(phindex) AS '# of Proformas'
FROM matter
INNER JOIN prohead ON phmatter = mmatter
INNER JOIN timekeep ON tkinit = mbillaty
INNER JOIN batch ON phbatch = bbatch
WHERE bper = '1209'
GROUP BY tkloc,phbatch,tkinit,tklast
ORDER BY phbatch,tkloc,tkinit

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