Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timekeepers Who've Worked on a Client

The following will return a list of timekeepers that have worked on a particular client for 2009 with the total hours worked. This is sorted by title and then by hours worked descending.
tkinit AS 'TK #',
dbo.udfTKFullName(tkinit) AS Timekeeper,
tktitle AS Title,
tkstrate AS 'Standard Rate',
SUM(mthrwkdw) AS 'Hours Worked'
INNER JOIN mattimhs ON mttk=tkinit
INNER JOIN matter ON mtmatter=mmatter
INNER JOIN periodt ON mtper=pe
WHERE mclient='112233'
AND peendt >= '1/1/09'
GROUP BY tktitle,tkstrate,tkinit
ORDER BY tktitle,SUM(mthrwkdw) DESC

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