Thursday, December 16, 2010

Extend & Image Connect

Extend is one of the most useful tools in the Enterprise arsenal. Image Connect (or whatever imaging solution is in use) is also a very helpful tool for documenting transactions. Below, I've married the two to email out items scanned to the matter number for management to see what items are being documented at that level. Note that since your Imaging db is likely on a different server than your Elite db, you'll need to create a linked server on your Elite db server to access the remote Imaging server. There are a few assumptions made here: 1. The document is scanned on the same day the profile is created 2. The user has access to the file paths containing the images on the Image Connect application server.
SELECT Operators.FullName
,AppTypes.Description AS AppDesc
,Profiles.Description AS ProfDesc
,'<a href="file:///'+[ImagePath].[Path]+''+ImagePath.TempPath+''+CAST(Images.BarcodeGUID AS VARCHAR(255))+'.'+Images.FileExtension+'">View Image</a>'
FROM [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[Profiles]
INNER JOIN [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[Images] ON Profiles.ImageID=Images.ImageID
INNER JOIN [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[ImagePath] ON Images.ImageID=ImagePath.ImageID
INNER JOIN [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[Operators] ON Profiles.UserID=Operators.OperatorID
INNER JOIN [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[AppTypes] ON Profiles.ApptypeID=Apptypes.AppTypeID
INNER JOIN [imagingserver].[imaging].[dbo].[Barcodes] ON Images.BarcodeGUID=Barcodes.BarcodeGUID
WHERE ImageStored = 1
AND Profiles.AppTypeID ='17'
AND ProfileToAppStatus=1
AND Profiles.CreateDate >= '12/1/10'

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