Friday, January 29, 2010

Time Load VBA Scripting Example

One of the neat things about Enterprise is that it is customizable with VBA scripting. One of the uses I've found for this is to change the default checkboxes in many of the Enterprise screens to match how we do things. For instance, when our users need to manually upload time using Time Load, they have to select Expanded Line Format 2 and Workstation from the options. Rather than the users having to manually select these (and risk errors by choosing the wrong option), we can use VBA to default to these two choices. The code is shown below for this particular change.
Private Sub eisvbaform_forminitialize()

Me.gpbInput0 = False
Me.gpbInput4 = True
Me.optDos = True
Me.optUnix = False

End Sub
When making VBA changes, I usually test at my user level first and then at the firm level. To make the changes at the firm level, when logging in, choose the Advanced option and the Select different user for form and VBA changes option. Browse to the form you want to edit and choose VBA Editor from the Design menu. Making these types of changes are simple, and can save administrators headaches caused by incorrect user input.

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